Tracy Dougher

Dr. Tracy Dougher, Agricultural Education Division Head
Linfield Hall 230 C, (406) 994-6772,

Carl Igo

Dr. Carl G. Igo, Associate Professor
Linfield Hall 230 D, (406)
Research Methods, Teacher Education, Leadership Development
Dr. Igo’s research focus includes curriculum development, motivation for learning, and recruiting/retention.  As a Real Colors® facilitator, he is especially interested in the impacts of temperament and personality on the learner.  Current research includes developing more effective retention and support programs for MSU students by examining trends in beginning college student perceptions.  Dr. Igo is a participant in LEAD21 Class X.  In support of Montana FFA, he provides oversight for the Extemporaneous Public Speaking CDE, the Prepared Public Speaking CDE, and the Parliamentary Procedure CDE held during the Montana FFA State Convention each spring.  In addition to supervising AgEd Teaching Candidates each fall and spring semester, his courses include:
Fall                                                                              Spring                                                             
AGED 140US                                                            AGED 140US
AGED 353                                                                  AGED 253
AGED 506                                                                  AGED 494
Shannon Arnold
Dr. Shannon Arnold, Associate Professor
Linfield Hall 230 A, (406)
Extension Education, Program Development, Professional Development, Leadership Education

Dr. Arnold’s research focuses on extension and non-formal education for youth and adults, outreach education for agricultural professionals, program development and evaluation, and equine guided education. She is the major advisor for students in the Agricultural Communications, Leadership, and Extension (CLE) Education option in the Division, a co-advisor for the Ag Education Club, and manages CLE student internships.  Dr. Arnold is the graduate coordinator for the Division and works as a program development and evaluation specialist on various grants.  Dr. Arnold’s credentials include receiving the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) Teaching Award of Merit, Western Region American Association for Agricultural Education (AAAE) Outstanding Young Member Award, the MSU President’s Award for Service Learning.  Finally, she was the AAAE National Secretary, completed the Leadership MSU program, and provides educational assistance to the REAL Montana Program housed in MSU Extension. Her courses include:


AGED 482 Non-formal Teaching Methods

AGED 312 Communicating Agriculture to the Public

AGSC 101 Introduction to Agriculture and Environmental Resources


AGED 294/494- Agricultural Youth Event Management Seminar State CDE Prep Class

AGED 401 Agricultural Issues and Research

AGED 507 Program Development and Evaluation

AGED 309 Philosophy and Programs in Extension


Dustin Perry
Dr. Dustin Perry, Assistant Professor
Linfield Hall 230 E, (406) 994-5773,
Agricultural Systems Technology, Teacher Education, Leadership Development
Dr. Perry’s research interest has stemmed from an inner curiosity to not only explore what critical thinking in the undergraduate classroom looks like, but to also determine methods of accurately assessing authentic advances in students’ critical thinking abilities. His extended research plans include initiating collaborative efforts across multiple disciplines to allow the opportunity for a more holistic understanding of potential relationships among undergraduate education and critical thinking development. Dr. Perry further aims to hone in on specific teaching and learning strategies that most effectively enhance the critical thinking and problem solving abilities of undergraduate students enrolled in agricultural systems technology coursework at MSU.