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Professional Organizations:

Financial Information:

 There are several resources to help you in your quest to finance your college education: 

  • is the student information page for our College of Agriculture.  Specifically, from there you will find a link to the College of Ag Scholarship info.  We utilize a combined application, meaning that when you complete and submit the COA scholarship application, it not only puts you into the pool for scholarships from the College, but also from the AgEd Division, as a part of the College.   Scholarship applications are due each year on Feb 1 – don’t miss that deadline! The application generally doesn’t open until December.  Of course, there are other links and resources for you to check out from there, including information on student groups, advising and internships – each of which may have their own connections to scholarships.  For example, our Collegiate FFA organization gives out scholarship awards each year separate from those provided by the AgEd Division and the College of Agriculture
  • links to the MSU Financial Aid Offices.  From their website, you will find information you and your parents will need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form.  This one application is used to determine your qualification for Federal Education Grants (sometimes called Pell Grants) as well as for subsidized and unsubsidized Federal Student Loans.  You will be ahead if you get the FAFSA completed and submitted in early to mid January as that information feeds into the COA scholarship application to determine your eligibility for any scholarships focused on financial need.  From this Financial Aid Office page, you will also find a link to the MSU Scholarship application(s) and these ARE a separate application from the MSU COA application highlighted above.  Information for 2016 Freshman Scholarships is already posted so you can begin now looking and gathering the required information to complete those applications.
  • is a link to the Work Study information for Montana State.  Essentially, Work Study provides opportunities for students  who qualify to secure jobs on campus.  The really nice thing about work study is the work hours are often more flexible than part-time jobs off campus.
  • is another resource for finding part-time work on campus or in the Gallatin Valley.  It is the HIRE-A-BOBCAT site used by numerous local businesses to advertise for part-time workers.
  • is a link to the list of scholarships given through the Montana FFA.  Specifically, look at the Vern Dahlstrom scholarship